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Were You Injured By a Drunk Driver?

Drunk driving continues to be the leading cause of motor vehicle accident fatalities throughout the state of Texas. In both large cities such as Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston and Austin as well as small towns, victims of drunk driving and their families are suffering from the negligent actions of these drivers.

The injuries caused by a drunk driver are devastating. In many cases, the victim is left severely injured and unable to work. Even worse, a loved one could be killed, leaving the family with medical and funeral costs to pay in the midst of their grief. It is important for victims to know that while the state may pursue its own criminal case against a drunk driver, those who are the victims of an accident can and should pursue a civil case as well. Civil and criminal actions may be brought separately and lead to different consequences.

Contact the Law Offices of Greg Fitzgerald, PC, if you or a loved one has been injured due to the gross negligence of a drunk driver. Mr. Fitzgerald is board certified as a specialist in personal injury trial law and he will work diligently on your behalf to make sure you get the compensation
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