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Due to the massive energy boom in the United States, energy companies are taking advantage of the oil and natural gas in our country. This booming industry has been positive in many ways, from increased energy independence to immense job creation. However, not all aspects of it have been positive.

Even with the many advances in technology, serious oil field accidents still occur today. Without working in the oil industry, it is hard to grasp the dangers that come with being an oil field worker. Workers in oil and gas and drill fields throughout the state of Texas work with some of the most complicated industrial equipment, under the harshest conditions. Thus, their safety can never to 100% safeguarded. Sadly, oil field accidents can have life-shattering consequences for those individuals who work in this industry and their families.

It is important to seek the advice and representation of a qualified oil field accident attorney soon after the accident has occurred. At The Law Offices of Greg Fitzgerald, PC, we pursue wrongful death lawsuits on behalf of families and represent injured workers who’ve sustained various types of life-changing and catastrophic injuries from oil and gas field accidents. Our firm will secure compensation from medical expenses, to lost income and pain and suffering due to injury. Attorney Greg Fitzgerald is a board certified trial attorney licensed to practice in all state courts across Texas, as well as many U.S. federal district courts. Mr. Fitzgerald passed the rigorous testing and review by his fellow peers and judges that are required in order to demonstrate his specialized knowledge in resolving personal injury cases. Fewer than 10% of Texas Attorneys are certified, this gives you the confidence of knowing that attorney Greg Fitzgerald has the experience and proven skill you need.

If you or a loved one have been injured in an oil field or gas field accident and think you may have a claim, please call The Law Offices of Greg Fitzgerald, PC at 817-281-0044 and ask to speak with Rose Taylor or attorney Greg Fitzgerald to set up a free consultation, with no obligation. From our office in Bedford, we are able to advise and represent clients throughout the state of Texas. If you prefer, provide your information by clicking here.


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