The Law Offices of Greg Fitzgerald, PC in Bedford, Texas, is dedicated to ensuring that you are well informed. Below you will find a list of resources to help you better understand your rights and how to protect them.


TexasLawHelp is a helpful website for low-income Texans seeking information about their legal rights and find out about free legal assistance in their area.

DARS – Department of Assistive and Rehabilitation Services

The Texas Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services (DARS) works in partnership with Texans with disabilities and families with children who have disabilities. DARS primary goal is to assist Texans with disabilities in order to facilitate them returning to work.

State Bar of Texas

State Bar of Texas is responsible for assisting the Texas Supreme Court in overseeing all attorneys licensed to practice law in Texas. Texans are able to search for attorneys in their area and check for prior disciplinary actions. This site also reviews and investigates the complaints of attorneys in Texas and takes the appropriate action pertaining to such a complaint.


Q1. I am trying to find an attorney to handle my auto accident, but with all of the TV ads and online advertisements I am unsure on whom to choose, what should I look for in an attorney?

A1. The last thing someone wants to do while recovering from an injury is to have to worry about whether their claim will be handled appropriately. That’s why you hire an attorney, for a reassurance that your best interest is being protected by a reputable, experienced, competent attorney. Listed below are matters to consider when searching for an attorney to represent you.

Is the attorney Board Certified?
Law Offices of Greg Fitzgerald, P.C. genuinely believes that it is in an injured person’s best interest to hire an attorney who is Board Certified in Personal Injury Trial Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization:
(a)This title is given to attorneys who have:
(i) Practiced a necessary number of years;
(ii) Handled and tried to a jury a specific number of personal injury cases;
(iii) Been evaluated by judges and their peers; and
(iv) Passed a vigorous examination on injury law.
(b) For a better understanding of how difficult it is to become Board Certified, know that over 80,000 licensed attorneys in the state , only approximately 2 percent of them are Board Certified.
(ii) Only consider attorneys who specialize in injury cases;
(iii) Do your homework by checking to make sure your attorney is in good standing with the State Bar of Texas by visiting
(iv) Meet with the attorney to discuss the specifics of your case and the specifics of how the case will be handled before signing contract.

Q2. I have an attorney that handled my divorce a few years back; can he handle my car wreck case?

A2. It would not be recommended. Attorneys who primarily handle family law, i.e.; divorce, adoptions, etc. have focused their practice on the laws governing family law. Just as Board Certified Personal Injury Attorneys focus their practice on the laws governing personal injury law. A Personal Injury Attorney is knowledgeable in all aspects of how to handle a personal injury case including staying up to date with statute and law changes as well as recent supreme court case outcomes and verdicts handed down in surrounding district courts.


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